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What is the dispute address for ADP Screening & Selection Service

ADP Screening & Selection Services

301 Remington Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524

More information

Phone: 800-367-5933

Who is ADP Screening & Selection Services?

If you believe any information on your credit report is reported inaccurate you can hire a credit repair company 

ADP Screening & Selection Services provides background screening services. The company is a subsidiary of ADP, LLC. The company will provide a free report completed in the past two years if you request it and if the company has a file on you. You can also call to request a report older than two years, but only by phone.

More Addresses

Equifax 740241

TransUnion 2000

Equifax 740256

Experian 9701

TransUnion 1000

LexisNexis 105108

Experian 4500

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