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ONLY $37.50/WEEK*

Be Free Of The Credit Struggle

• 1-on-1 credit consult

• Credit report overview

• Support team

• Custom attack letters

• NO template letters

• Flexible payments

Results from our clients



1. You must sign up for smartcredit (monitoring service - click here) - this allows us to view your credit report and know what to attack.

2. Make sure you are ready for your appointment - we will send you a sms message 4 & 2 hours before your appointment.

*3. We do not guarantee removals, however we have removed multiple items from credit reports.


Why do I have to sign up for smartcredit?
we use Smartcredit as it is the most efficient to use
with our Metro2 challenging letters.

How do I re-schedule?
Please inform us by texting (715) 204-9355.

Am I calling or are you?
If you do not call me I will call you. IF YOU DO NOT pick up and don't tell me you'd like to re-schedule for another time you will be charged $25 for your next appointment you schedule


*the price depends on your profile so it can range from $37.50-$56.25

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