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Erase the past.
Rewrite Your Credit Story.

Is the hassle of trying to figure out how to repair your own credit too much? Do you just want to relax and let someone else deal with that stress for you? Here at New Beginnings, we give your credit score a second chance at life!

See if you qualify for our program!

We Are Not Your Average Credit Repair Company


No Fraud Alerts

Filing false fraud alerts can be illegal in many jurisdictions. It may be considered a form of fraud or providing false information to credit reporting agencies, which could result in fines, penalties, or even criminal charges.


No Cookie Cutter Letters

Instead of relying on generic templates that all credit repair companies use, we use AI and Metro2 to significantly improve the performance and efficence of our letters. Remember, investing in quality assistance now can lead to long-term success and financial stability.

Real People. Real Results. Real Reviews.


Milton W.


124 point increase in under 3 months!!! Amazing service, started working before I even paid the fee. Also he kept in contact with me the whole way.

unnamed (2).png

Samantha D.

Local Guide

JT and his people are on point. any body that needs credit help.definitely get there help. Highly recommend

unnamed (1).png

Jerry M.

Long Time Customer

JT and the New Beginnings team are GREAT!!!! Very knowledgeable and trustworthy.

unnamed (3).png

Colene W.

Long Time Customer

This has been the best credit repair I have every had, and there has been ALOT. This company is the ONLY one that has communicate, ensure I was always notified, supportive, and ensure that I understand the next step in the process. It beautiful knowing that you have a strong support credit team. It’s a new type of love ❤️

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What you get when you sign up

Your own private secure portal
Informational credit tips & tricks emails
Progress review every month
Assistants that will answer your question
Flexible payment options at anytime
Complete required steps
Make sure you've signed up for Smartcredit using our link. It is only $4.99 the first month
Be ready at the scheduled time
Be sure that you can make it at the scheduled time, if you can't then let us know and we'll re-schedule.

During the appointment...

One-on-one report overview
While on the phone, JT will go over your report with you and help you understand what's going on
Understanding the process
After you understand what your credit report shows, he'll go over how we attack the bureaus
How much is it gonna cost?
Once we've gone over your report with you, we will give you your pricing. Our payments are flexible so we offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payments.

After the appointment...

Required documents
After the appointment, you will be required to send us your ID, SSN, and a Utility Bill.
Get your own secure portal
After you send documents, one of our team members will build out your portal for you. After they do, you will receive a text from them with the link including email & password.
Sign documents & add billing
Once in your portal you will be required to sign the required documents, as well as add billing. If this is neglected then your account will be terminated.
Ready to go!
After you have completed all required steps, you're now ready to get going! A member from our team will get your letters sent out asap.
What now?
Just trust the process! Credit repair can take a while, and not every report is the same. It's like a fingerprint, not everybody has the same one. We'll list below some things you can do while getting your credit fixed...
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